Public Safety

Utilize aerial insights for a swift and precise response, ensuring targeted aid reaches the most affected areas efficiently in times of urgency.

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Combat wildfires and manage controlled burns to improve safety and prevent loss of property and lives.

Law Enforcement

Respond to disaster and emergency situations faster. Replace or supplement helicopters.

Search & Rescue

Rapidly deploy to help search and rescue teams (SAR) cover over 1000 acres in a single flight, day or night.

Hazmat Scenarios

Respond to Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) scenarios without risk to emergency responders.

We work where you do.

WingXRAI for Defense


Rapidly deployable, multi-mission utility.
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WingXRAI flying over a fire in the suburbs

Public Safety

Quickly get eyes in the sky where you need it most.
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WingXRAID flying over a farm


Observe fields and livestock, preventing problems.
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WingXRAI flying over a job site

Survey & Inspection

Precision monitoring and assessment of energy infrastructure.
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