Smart AI Software

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WingXpand's software is your go-to solution
for planning and executing autonomous
missions with ease. It empowers you to
swiftly translate intelligence into actionable
plans, ensuring seamless execution every time.


Discover effortless mission planning and execution with WingXpand’s Edge AI software. Our platform features intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring a seamless experience.

Feature Overview

Drone flying

Autonomous Operation

Flies by itself from launch, to mission, to landing.
Drone tracking a person

Real-Time Detection

Real-time AI enabled detection software allows you to quickly and accurately detect items of interest without user input.
screen displaying a car being tracked

Edge AI

On-board smart computers enable autonomy and real-time detections without reliance on internet connectivity or timely post-processing.
cross platform devices

Open Architecture

Open systems architecture design allows for seamless integration of advanced new capabilities from our ecosystem of partners.
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Secure Mesh Network

Enhanced reliability, scalability, and coverage, ensures
seamless connectivity in the widest range of environments.
WingXpand User Interface

Radio Silent Mode

Improved communication reliability in sensitive or hostile environments and failsafe if connectivity lapses for any reason.