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Full Stack Developer - Robotics

We're in search of an experienced Full Stack Developer with deep experience in software development to support our scalable software architecture for AI model development and deployment. This role demands an understanding of embedded software applications, data schemas, communication protocols, along with skills in containerization technologies and microservices architecture. The successful candidate will exhibit hands-on coding expertise and foster collaboration to ensure our software supports our customer's needs and meets high standards of efficiency, adaptability, and maintainability.

Chicago, IL | St. Louis, MO | Hybrid

Manufacturing Technician - Aerospace Assembly

We are seeking a Drone Manufacturing Technician responsible for fabricating, assembling, and maintaining drone / uncrewed aircraft vehicle (UAV) systems and components utilizing composite materials.

St. Louis, MO
Full Time & Part Time Options

Experienced Drone Robotics Perception AI / ML Software Developer

We are seeking an experienced drone perception AI / ML software developer to join our team. The successful candidate will be responsible for designing, developing and implementing real time navigation, mapping, sensing, detection, and alerting algorithms for our WingXpand™ Drone platforms. This is a unique opportunity to follow the full software lifecycle from concept to integration and testing on real-world production aircraft.

Chicago, IL | St. Louis, MO

Experienced Mechanical Engineer - UAV Robotics

We are seeking an experienced drone / uncrewed aircraft vehicle (UAV) engineer to join our team. The successful candidate will be responsible for designing, developing, and optimizing WingXpand™ UAV platform designs.

Boston, MA | St. Louis, MO | Chicago, IL