November 2, 2023

40 UNDER 40

St. Louis native and co-founder of aerospace startup WingXpand, James Barbieri has invented and patented a seven-foot expandable drone designed to fit inside a backpack. WingXpand beat out more than 750 companies to win the Army's xTechSearch 7 competition and has secured $2 million in contracts in its first year.
May 24, 2022

WingXpand Debuts Compact Drone Featuring Expandable Wings

The drone model from WingXpand, which debuted at the AUVSI XPONENTIAL event in April, features a 7-foot wingspan. The wings are expandable, so the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) can collapse into a size small enough to fit into a backpack. The drone was also featured at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference 2022 (SOFIC) last week.