June 20, 2023

WingXpand Wins U.S. AirForce Contract: the 7ft Backpackable Drone

WingXpand wins 7-figure U.S. AirForce contract to ruggedize 7ft packpackable drone, and develop fire-spotting software.

WingXpand’s unique feature is described in its name.  The wings on what appear to be a fixed wing drone literally expand out to 7 feet from a form factor small enough to be carried in a backpack.  The design offers major benefits, providing the portability of a quad with the flight endurance of a fixed wing.  Now, the U.S. Air Force has granted WingXpand a contract “for the customization and ruggedization of its unique 7ft backpackable aircraft,” says a company press release.

As wildfire season comes earlier and earlier to North America, government and state agencies are seeking new solutions for managing fires.  The AirForce has contracted WingXpand to upgrade their aircraft to deal with more significant weather conditions, and to integrate advanced fire spotting software.  “This notable contract underscores WingXpand’s pioneering role in the field of aerial intelligence and its significant contributions to national security and environmental safety,” says the release.

James Barbieri, CEO and Co-Founder of WingXpand, said, “Our collaboration with the U.S. Air Force and the contract we’ve secured emphasizes the innovative work we do. Not only have we developed an easy and powerful aircraft, but our AI technology will also contribute significantly to preventing wildfire loss. We’re excited to bring such a valuable tool to the U.S. Air Force and the nation.”

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