September, 30 2023

Ranken Technical College And WingXpand Forge Partnership For Future Of American Drone Manufacturing

WingXpand and Ranken Technical College announce a partnership to expand Missouri’s aerospace manufacturing workforce, giving students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rapidly growing field of drone technology. This comes as the U.S. Department of Defense unveils a new plan to bolster the industrial base.

The Ranken students will gain invaluable hands-on experience, working alongside the team at WingXpand, to learn the nuances of drone manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance. This experience will equip them with the skills and knowledge required to navigate and contribute to the growing drone industry. To support this effort, WingXpand has relocated into the new Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center on Ranken’s flagship campus, near the anticipated location of the St. Louis Regional Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Center (AMICSTL).

This collaboration arrives at a critical time, coinciding with the Department of Defense’s announcement of the ‘Replicator Initiative’, aimed at revitalizing and expanding the American defense base. It underscores the pressing need for innovative technology to safeguard national security.

Michelle Madaras, President and Co-Founder of WingXpand, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, “Partnering with Ranken Technical College is a significant milestone for WingXpand and the region. Together, we are not only investing in technology but more importantly, in people – the talented students who represent the future of American aerospace and manufacturing.”

Ranken Technical College, with a legacy that spans more than 100-years, embodies the enduring spirit of American manufacturing, that has prepared generations craftsmen for traditional and emerging industries. Its hands-on learning approach has been a cornerstone in preparing students for robust careers, while actively supporting Missouri workforce creation and the economy.

At the intersection of tradition and futuristic vision, WingXpand represents a paradigm shift in aerospace technology with its 8ft smart plane that fits in a backpack. Since its inception, the startup has been committed to expanding what’s possible with aerial intelligence, to help famers grow more yield, emergency crews respond to disasters faster and give soldiers a protective eye in the sky.

“Awarded ‘Most Innovative Technology’ at the Natural Disaster Show and winner of the U.S. Army’s top innovation contest, WingXpand’s success stems from its groundbreaking, user-friendly aerospace tech and experience working across all branches of the U.S. military and private industry alike, including: agriculture, public safety, energy, and humanitarian efforts.

Uniting WingXpand’s innovation with Ranken’s legacy of building a skilled workforce, this partnership is a beacon for the future of American-made, cutting-edge technology that will bolster our nation’s economy and reaffirm our country’s commitment to manufacturing excellence and technological advancement.

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