May 27, 2022

WingXpand’s expandable-wing drone stretches to 7 feet

WingXpand has debuted a 7-foot expandable-wing drone that fits in a backpack. The drone was first revealed to the special forces community at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC 2022) held May 16-19 in Tampa, Florida.

WingXpand is U.S. made with a patented design that takes the small size and simplicity of a quadcopter and combines it with the horsepower of an airplane. WingXpand maximizes capability, efficiency and safety for the military and public safety officials. It can also be used  by farmers, surveyors and inspectors.

WingXpand expands in less than 2 minutes. Though the full system weighs less than 10 pounds, it flies five times longer and carries ten times more weight than other drones of its size class, according to WingXpand. It can carry high-resolution cameras and other modular payloads such as a real-time pattern analysis system.

WingXpand can reduce or replace the need for more costly, scarce or dangerous options. More than 10 WingXpand UAS can fit in a public safety vehicle, more than 30 in a pickup, and 250 on a standard airlift pallet.

The WingXpand team provides end-to-end services, including pilot services, training, data analysis and sustainment.

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