"WingXRAI" stylized font
The most powerful smart plane that
expands from a backpack.
5X Longer Flight Time
10X More Payload
WingXRAI drone front facing view


Backpack Icon

Pack Portable
< 12 lbs

Arrow moving from point A to point B

2 hour
flight time

Brain Chip for ai

flight & alerts

Cubes stacking



Ready to fly
< 2 minutes

the future of flight expands

WingXRAI™ combines the small size and simplicity of a quadcopter with the horsepower of airplane wings.
American Flag "Made in the USA"
NDA Compliant Sticker
"WingXRAI" in stylized font
From Pack to 8ft wingspan
Modular, Mission Tailorable, Payload
  • Edge AI- autonomous flight, swarming & GPS resiliency
  • Multi-Mission with specialty payload integration options
Maximum Mission Flexibility
  • Open systems architecture
  • Acoustically undetectable above 150ft.
Minimal Logistics, Runway Independent
  • Patented design enables up to 250 UAS to fit on an airlift pallet (463L) and 10 in a standard vehicle trunk
Fast and scalable in-house production.
  • Rapid Design & Fielding.
  • DoD Accredited NDAA Security Compliance
WingXRAI with wing expanding
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