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Train in Peace.
Overpower in War.
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Defend Freedom with a Disposable Multi-Mission Smart Plane with Full Autonomy
and AI Enabled Detections to Win Today and Tomorrow.

(in)Dispensable smart mass

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WingXRAID™ Smart Planes are disposable mass ready to train operators today without risk of failure and help them win in conflict tomorrow.

750 WingXRAID fit in a
40' Conex Box


Modular, Mission Tailorable, Payload
  • Edge AI- autonomous flight, swarming & GPS resiliency
  • First Person View (FPV) camera for multi-mission functionality
Maximum Mission Flexibility
  • Open systems architecture
  • Acoustically undetectable at 150 ft
Transport, in mass
  • Up to 750 can fit in a standard 40' shipping container
  • Most efficient spares footprint possible
Fast and scalable production
  • Rapid design & fielding
  • Secure components & supply
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